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Since 2009 - 2019 was a 'home based' Internet business. [NO STORE]

It's main website was:  www.appletreebulkherbs2.ca

!! Now C L O S E D !!

I'm deeply sorry>>> APPLE TREE BULK HERBS had to be suddenly CLOSED, permanently, June 17th-19, due to serious illness.   I deeply regret such sudden notification, and thank each of my customers over the past 10 years, for their business and support.  The business phone # is no longer in service and emails won't be responded to.  AGAIN, Thank You to all.  You may find the herbs you want at a Toronto based location, called Herbies Herbs. https://herbies-herbs.com


THANK YOU to all for your support since 2009, here in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. 

Lori Scott:  owner


        Wait times-Queenston and Rainbow Bridges   http://www.niagarafallsbridges.com/index.php/services/traffic-conditions



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