Monk holding hair growth root
Miracle plant used to fight hair loss and makes your hair growth
Discover The Powerful Hair Growth Formula that Was Used by a Chinese Monk (713 A.D.) To Re-grow Thick Luscious Hair
Tap into this amazing formula today to get all the natural elements you need in order to re-grow thick hair, turn grey hair back into its natural colour and restore your hairs overall health

Are you victim of hair thinning, greying or worse still… hair loss? and would you like to reverse your current trend and experience hair re-growth?
Sacred Hair Growth is a herbal based formula that contains 8 powerful Chinese herbs and plants. Fleece flower root or Zhi Shou Wu extract is the main component of Sacred Hair Growth and it has truly amazing rejuvenating power.
Read this letter to discover the astonishing benefits Sacred Hair Growth can bring to your life.

To understand why this sacred Chinese formula is really going to help you let’s figure out how you got into this hair-mess in the first place:
You’ve Destroyed Your Hair Without Even Knowing It…
Some “experts” say that "pattern baldness" plays the main role in the hair loss equation…others say that not eating the right foods, vitamins and minerals cause hair loss… and some believe not using the right shampoo or hair treatment will trigger hair loss…
They are all very conceivable causes for hair loss... but reality is people are looking for a specific cure, something that delivers results quickly and without paying excessive prices. But the unquestionable problem lies with the trend that people attempt to treat their hair loss from the outside to the inside... when it should be treated from the inside-out. First, you need to determine how hair loss actually occurs (which not many people actually know)… secondly, you need to take the right actions “help” your body by increasing your intake of the natural foods, herbs and minerals.
First early hair loss don't waste your time
Washing Your Hair Each Day With Tap Water Won’t Help…

Most of the water we use for showers has a negative effects on our hair. It doesn’t contain any minerals and makes your hair thin and deteriorated. So it is useless to use all kinds of treatments if you wash your hair with poor quality water (basically, standard tap water)
This natural product makes your hair growth thanks to zhi shou wu root
Short Term Results Don’t Mean You’ve Beaten Baldness…

Some people use all kinds of methods to re-grow their hair… and sometimes they do see short-term results. But when their hair starts to fall out again, which is common, they lose motivation… But the fact is some treatments only work for the short term, which not only end up giving false hope, but they also become very expensive.

You should understand that hair loss and hair re-growth is a very complex problem… and simply using a shampoo won’t fix the problem. Instead, you need to feed our hair the nutrients it needs from what you ingest. The good news it that it’s not mission impossible. You just need to know how to do it…
Check the Following Charts To See How Advanced Your Hair Loss Has Become…
Stage 1 hair loss Stage 2 hair loss You can go back to stage 1, stop hair loss now
Stage 5 hair loss Stage 6 hair loss Zhi Shou Wu will help your hair loss
The pictures documents the different stages of hair loss degeneration. It might be possible to reverse baldness through right nutritioin and go from stage "6" back to stage "1"
With this natural product make your hair growth Hair growth miracle done by sacred hair
What Options Do You Have?

1) Well, you can always accept that your hair is falling out and live with it. It’s not the most attractive solution, but if you still have a desire to re-grow your hair then you STILL have a chance (and when you read on, you’ll discover how).

…With this sacred herbal based formula you
have a high chance to get your hair back
because it contains the essential elements that
are required by your body for hair re-growth

2) Another option is to buy an expensive product one of the big pharmaceutical companies has advertised on TV… one which has testimonials done by actors, not real clients… and see if you get results. Statistically, you’ve probably already tried a hyped up product you see on TV that simply didn’t work, and now you’re looking for something that works...

…Not Recommended
Prevent hair loss
Hair loss surgery can be costly
3) Another expensive option is you can get laser surgery and im plant ‘fake’ hair on your head, to replace the ‘real’ hair you’ve lost. Although it is a quick fix, it is not recommended for the following reasons:

• You won’t “grow” your own hair, instead you’ll ‘wear’ fake hair which isn’t the same and quite frankly it’s not the same;
• It’s very expensive… in the thousands of dollars when you include monthly maintenance which costs close to $1000 every year.
• It will hurt… a lot (after all, we’re talking about surgery);
• There’s always the chance friends will turn your new ‘look’ into a ongoing joke.

...Definitely Not Recommended
Some Other Benefits of Zhi-Shou-Wu are:

Or You Can Choose To Re-Grow Your Hair, Naturally, With the Sacred Hair Growth Herbal Based Formula and Zhi Shou Wu Which Has Proven Its Effectiveness for Thousands of Years…

The Zhi-Shou-Wu or Fleece Flower root plant is most known for its very large roots that can weigh up to 2.7kg.

The roots are very important in Chinese traditional medicine and have been key element since at least the Tang Dynasty (713 A.D).

Briefly, here’s a rundown of the legend that talks about the miraculous effects over the hair

Mr ho discovered the secret for hair growth
Sacred Hair Growth
Regular price: $39.95
Limited stock!

(our stock is vanishing fast) Our high quality extract uses only mature Fleeceflower root for maximum medicinal properties.

We also have the highest potency 10x extract available on the market. Please don't fall for cheaper imitations!

Before starting this treatment, let us to tell you why Zhi Shou Wu extract is the best cute you can get at the moment (without exaggerating the benefits of this product):
God created this sacred plant to work from inside to outside. Firstly, it will cleanse your body from the toxins and then restore the organs that are directly involved with the health of your hair, such as liver, kidney, blood and of course, skin.

As an end result, you’ll not only reverse baldness… but your overall health will improve dramatically. This truly amazing Chinese tonic has delivered amazing results for hundreds of thousands of people.

The product is 100% natural. There’s no chemical process behind this extract and it contains only powder from the Fleece flower root, and 7 other amazing Chinese herbs.
Along with Ginseng, Fleece flower root is one of the most prominent herbs in Chinese medicine, believed to be bestowed with potent anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties, and is heavily connected with Taoist immortality recipes and rituals.

There are thousands of success stories over the internet with people who discovered the naked truth behind their falling hair. With the help of Zhi-Shou-Wu, they managed to treat the cause, not the effect.
Other Elements on the Sacred Hair Growth Herbal Formula Are:
Astragalus is a Chinese plant that builds the Chi (Vital Energy for Life), it also boosts the immune system. It's a general tonic that fights disease and helps lower stress and makes you adapt to stress better. Stress is a leading cause of hair loss.

Is a Chinese Herb; its main function is to stimulate production of adrenal cortical hormones. These hormones are anti-inflammatory and explain the use of Rehmania in treating asthma, skin diseases, and arthritis. Rehmania is also recognized to treat menopause, impotence, hair loss (alopecia) and other hormone deficiencies.

Poria increases absorption of elements, in particular Zhi-Shou-Wu. Which ensures the Zhi-Shou-Wu brings the greatest results.

Chuan Xiong
Increases blood flow and Chi (Vital Energy for Life), stops stagnation, directs the active ingredient (Zhi-Shou-Wu) to the hair.

Nettle extract
The most famous application of nettle infusions is in treating alopecia areata. A gentle irritant, this herb is able to improve scalp circulation, stimulate hair roots, facilitate the flow of oxygen and nutrients into hair follicles, and promote overall hair growth.

HorseTail Plant
Because of the extra-fine silica within horsetail, it has been effective in strengthening hair growth, nails and teeth.

Saw Palmetto Extract
Some studies have shown that saw palmetto may have the same effect as the drug finasteride in treating hair loss and prostate enlargement diseases.
Astralagus boots the immune system and helps hair growth
Rehmania is a chinese herb which stimulates homones and helps hair growth
Poria increase absorptioin of elements
Chuan Xiong directs active ingredient to the hair to stimulate hair growth
Nettle stimulate hair root causing hair growth
horsetail plant strengthens hair growth
saw palmetto have the same affect as finasteride in treating hair loss
Here′s Why This Is Different than Everything You′ve Heard or Seen Before
First of all, the main purpose of this site is to help you with everything that is related to your hair loss. We are here to educate you about what is causing your hair loss and importantly how to reverse and cure hair loss.

Second, we bring to you this sacred Chinese herbal product, that hase been proven to work in Chinese medicine for centuries. We haven’te advertised it aggressively YET. But during our trails we are keeping prices down, so you’re lucky to see prices at this level. What’s more, there are 1.4 billion people who would die to know what you’re reading right now, and when we do roll out our advertising aggressively, there will be waiting lists for this product.

Third, this is not a miraculous method discovered by so-called “scientists” after “years” of researching. It is a powerful Chinese herb that has proven its efficiency thousands of times over centuries. Ancient Kings used and loved it so much that one of them created a statue for the monk that discovered Zhi-Shou-Wu.

And last, but not least, you have nothing to lose because of our guarantee. We are so confident about the results you will get that we’ve guaranteed them, that’s right… We guarantee the results... If you’re not happy with the results (which I doubt) just send us the bottle back and you’ll get all your money back. (we won't be able to refund you the shipping and handling)
The statue was built in the honor of the monk who discovered the natural way to stimulate hair growth
Some Important Facts You Should Know

We’re absolutely sure that you’ll be amazed with the results,
but you need to be aware of a few things:
Other Things You Must Know To Grow Beautiful Thick Hair

Sulfur is one of the most important elements that you need to have in your diet for amazing hair.

Drinking at least 1 litre of water/day will help promote a healthy body and healthy hair. It is especially good for the hair if you drink half a litre in the morning when you wake up.

Male Pattern Baldness is caused by dihydrotestosterone, which attacks the follicles causing them to shut down.

At least 700 Mg a day of MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl- Methane) is great for the health of your hair and nails. Together with Zhi-Shou-Wu, MSM makes the perfect combination for hair re-growth and restoration.

Hair Re-Growth Success Stories

Richard Dennis York, Pennsylvania

"Rather than going the traditional method
and expensive pharmaceutical drugs, I found an all-natural supplement to help
my hair growt..."
Lisa Hoffe Baldwinsville, New York

"When I started taking this product, my hair
grown twice as fast, this supplement is a
product I will use for life."
Results not Typical. If you don't take the herbs, they won't work!
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Tap into this amazing hair growth formula today to get all the natural elements you need in order to re-grow thick hair, turn grey hair back into its natural colour and restore your hairs overall health