Welcome old and new customers.  Apple Tree making ordering easier for everyone

through the new website below. 

At last, the new Apple Tree interactive website has been launched, an hour

later than expected, but here is the link to go there and shop, or just

look around.  All future orders will be handled through this website.  Enjoy.  Lori


April 24th, - 16  9 pm.

Welcome and ATTENTION!!

Apple Tree Bulk Herbs, this website & all product information is now CLOSED until 8pm Sunday April 24th.  We're in the process of launching a brand new interactive website for the convenience of all.

Please come back and check us out.  You'll be able to directly order and pay, using any credit card, debit-credit card, Interac e-transfer, Pay Pal as of the 27th, or choose 'Cash' & no shipping for those who live locally and wish to pick up their order in St. Catharines. 

Pick ups can also be 'paid in advance'.  All Orders will be processed in 3 - 5 business days. unless there's a shortage of product - you'd be notified of this & whether to wait for it, or cancel, or accept what we have in stock.  your payments won't be processed until we know that we have the stock to fill your order.  If short on anything, with your permission we'll send the lesser amount, and reduce the amount charged for your payment.

Pick ups are generally available by Thursdays & Saturdays each week, depending on when your order is received - you'll be notified of the day of availability, by email.

Just come back here to this website & there'll be a direct link

to the new website, after 8 pm Sunday April 24th & you can place your order then.

No orders will be processed, nor phone calls or emails answered until Monday the 25th or

possibly Tuesday depending upon how busy we are.


We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Open again on Monday April 25th - hours. 11 am - 6 pm.

Thank you all for your patience and co-operation while we go through this transition, which should be a positive one for all.

Your business and patience is appreciated.   Lori Scott


Apple Tree sells 'retail' onlydoes not sell Wholesale, nor to other businesses.

                             Website Temporarily  Closed until Apr. 24th - 8 pm
Welcome to
 'Home-based'  Apple Tree 'Bulk' Herbs
200 +  Medicinal/Botanical Herbs 
   (no storefront)
Local order pick up location is at the
All Natural Care Shop (Health Food Store)
100 Fourth Ave. (Ridley Heights Plaza)
St. Catharines, On. see full info below

Jars and jars of bulk herbs!       Last updated APR.24 /16   8 pm



For those in St. Catharines, Welland, Niagara & surrounding areas, orders can be picked up (when specified) during business hours at the 'All Natural Care Shop' (Health Food Store) - 100 4th Ave. Ridley Heights Plaza, in St. Catharines.  First plaza on left after #406 off ranp - turn left at 1st lights.  It's 5 doors left of Little Cesaer's Pizza.   Hours: M-T  9-7pm,  Fri til 6 pm, Sat 9-5 pm, closed Sundays & Holidays  905-935-2020 You can pay cash, or can pay 'in advance' through the new website.  Just choose 'do not ship', and 'cash' if that how you prefer to pay.

An order can be mailed to you if you don't drive or have a way to get to St. Catharines.  Average 'local' mailing + handling, runs about $12.50.. 

or Inquiry
 - please see new website after 8 pm April 24th/16.
Link will be accessible from
this page.

New email address is

myappletreeherbs2@yahoo.com and new website address is


(Locked until 8 pm Sunday, April 24th, 8 pm)

Both the old e-mail & website addresses will remain active.

 Weblink to check wait times over Queenston-Lewiston & Rainbow Bridges   http://www.niagarafallsbridges.com/index.php/services/traffic-conditions


Thanks for Looking!





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