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  NOTE ! you cannot  'place or pay for'  an order 'directly' through this website!


CO = CERTIFIED ORGANIC     WC = WILD CRAFTED = (harvested without chemicals)

  All Herbs  NOT shown  as  'CO'    are  'WC'   and none are irradiated.


                                              Prices are per 100g (3.53 oz.) unless stated otherwise. 

                                  - Herb minimum 50g -- (Note: a .40 cent charge will be added to ea. less than 100g amount)

                                     -  2 oz = 57g  3 oz = 85g  4 oz = 114g  1/2 lb  =  228g  1 lb =  454 g 


      - Apple Tree sells 'retail ' ONLY - is not a 'supplier' for other businesses,  does not offer discounts on any quantity, and does NOT sell 'Wholesale'


         Information on this Website is for educational purposes only!   See full Disclaimer at bottom of page.

- prices  subject  to  change  without  notice 

To  place orders for inquires;  (-if ONLY seeking a quote, send your postal code!)

                                    send order by email to   :  myappletreeherbs@yahoo.ca

or   call me,  during business hours.    Lori Scott

          905-704-1100  or  905-262-4430

HOURS:    Mon., Wed. and Thur.    11 am  to  6 pm     Tuesday.,  Fri.  and  Sat.   11 am  to  3 pm

closed Sundays & Holidays

       If you call & get voicemail, please leave a message -- I'll call back as soon as I can.  (Say your phone # slowly) 


       Guidelines for   ORDER PLACEMENT   or Inquiries             

 email:    myappletreeherbs @yahoo.ca        

When emailing:

                - provide name & address & postal code, for Invoice;

                - indicate herb, leaf, root, bark, etc

                - indicate c/s or powder;  (c/s for tea; powder for capsules) 

                - indicate # grams of eachie: 100g; 225g; 364g; etc.

                - indicate preferred payment ‘option’ if order is to be mailed

                - Shipping info & Payment options  - click here    


               - Orders ready in 48-72 hours, for pick up, or if mailed within Canada.

             - All mailed orders incur a handling fee plus all mailing costs incl. taxes

-           and are calculated on each order.  There's no blanket charge for everyone!


         Want to know what we carry, see here:  

- prices and herbs list  http://www.appletreebulkherbs.ca/all-the-herbs.php 


For those in St. Catharines, Welland, Niagara & surrounding areas, orders can be picked up (when specified) during business hours at the 'All Natural Care Shop' (Health Food Store) - 100 4th Ave. Ridley Heights Plaza, in St. Catharines.  First plaza on left after #406 off ranp - turn left at 1st lights.  It's 5 doors left of Little Cesaer's Pizza.   Hours: M--T  9-7pm,  Fri til 6 pm, Sat 9-5 pm, closed Sundays & Holidays  905-935-2020 You generally pay cash, or can pay 'in advance' via Interac email transfer on orders over $25.00, and Pay Pal if over $50.00..

An order can be mailed to you if you don't drive or have a way to get to St. Catharines.  Avg. mailing and handling runs about $12.50 for local area. 



We're no longer located at 3 King St, in St. Catharines.
Apple Tree is a
'home based' business 
(no storefront)  It's been a  'phone in or email'  your order business, for many years.  Located now in  St. Davids (Niagara-on-the-Lake), at N border of Niagara Falls, Ontario.  We arrange for St Catharines pick-up of most local orders; or we'll MAIL to you anywhere in Canada   


ALL NATURAL CARE SHOP  (Health Food Store)100 4th Ave., in Ridley Heights Plaza, St. Catharines  sells: Fresh ground peanut butter!; Organic Coffee;  FARM FRESH EGGS, pure local Honey; Gluten Free foods  & Specialty breads, (frozen and fresh), Diatomaceous (edible) earth.  Also have: Garcinia Cambogia; Coffee Bean Extract;  MEDI C PLUS:  LUOBUMA Formula (Dizziness/Vertigo)  Raspberry Ketones & African Mmango;    NATURAL hair and skin care; Vitamins/Minerals & supplements, manyTea Herbs in Bulk; 'Bell's' target products; natural MAKEUP & nailpolish,  Baby Care products,  Body Buidling products and much more.  Call 905-935-2020   Hours:  Mon.-Fri. 9 - 7 pm,  Sat 9-6.  Closed Sunday and Holidays   www.allnaturalcareshop.com 

NIAGARA RESIDENTS want to buy Drug & Hormone Free,  beef, turkey, pork and chicken.  at 318 Ontario St. St. Catharines. (in same plaza as Freshco store and the Well Well Well Health Food Store.

- It's  a Meat Shop with products from local farmers using traditional practices.  Details, see website:    http://www.thevalligirls.ca/


Make your own Herbal CAPSULES - SAVE  50 - 60% over the cost of Pre-Capsuled herbs, with  questionable fillers  &  shelf life.     Save money & know what's really in  pre-packaged capsules!

In the New York Times, May 25th/10, there was a shocking article about the high levels of heavy metals found in common herbal supplements /capsules. (see link below)  These contaminants included mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. And on top of that, the dangerous pesticides levels exceeded the legal limits on 40% of the products tested.   Specifically see paragraph 2 in the article - click on link: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9C03E3D91F38F935A15756C0A9669D8B63  "Half the nation's adult population take vitamin supplements regularly, &  a quarter at least occasionally. Annual sales are $25 billion a year, & the growing popularity has led to an increasing number of imported supplements spiked with illegal drugs" 

So why am I telling you this? If you're buying herbal capsules in the first place, obviously you care about your health & you need to know what you're putting into your bodyYOU CAN AVOID ALL THESE DANGEROUS CONTAMINANTS by filling the CAPSULES YOURSELF.  If you've never done it before, don't worry, it's easy to do with the Cap M Quik Capsule filling device for '0' size caps, or The Capsule Machine for '00' size caps.  In about 15-20 minutes, you can make 50 capsules and after a few times, you’ll consider yourself an expert - it's that easy! 


  We sell the 'Gelatin based' Capsules  (size '1';  '0' + '00') & 'Vegetable based' ('0' + '00') capsules,  also  'CAP-M-QUIK'   & 'The CAPSULE Machine'  filling devices (with tamper)  for  size '1'; '0' & '00'  capsules. 

 For Devices  &   Capsule Prices  click here.

 Weblink to check wait times over Queenston-Lewiston & Rainbow Bridges   http://www.niagarafallsbridges.com/index.php/services/traffic-conditions

Make your own tea blends, or bath/foot blends and seal them in these pure paper Press n Brew Tea Bags.  Fill and seal the open end with a med hot iron or curling iron.  Also good for making Lavender Sachets.  GREAT GIFT idea!  Bags contain no glue, or dioxins and are naturally whitened with hydrgen peroxide.  2 sizes to choose fromSee pricing here:   

We also sell empty Gelatin & Vegi Capsules, plus Capsule making devices, to make 50 caps , or 24 capsules at once.  For more info/pricing click here:

 Pure clean MUSLIN re-usable tea bags with tie strings.    3 sizes to choose from.  For making loose leaf tea without the mess to strain.  Just rinse, dry and re-use over & over.

Small for 1- 2 cup size.  Med for a large pot of tea, & oversized works well for Bath/Foot blends.  Are also excellent for making Catnip toysSee pricing here:

We also now have 3" x 4" Lavender Sachet bags with satin ties.  See photo below, & click the

link above to see pricing & two colors available.


Thanks for Looking!





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