If you were to want to pay through your bank using their 'Interac money transfer feature'

  This is all you need do.  I'm using Scotia Bank instructions, but the 'name you search for at your own bank maybe called something slightly different'.  If you're signed in to your bank look for a 'transfers' tab, or search for 'interac' or 'money transfer' & that should get you to the right place.  Once found, this is all you need do.
  • Type in the 'email address' of the person you want to send money to.
  • Create a 'Security Question' that only the person you're sending money to will be able to answer (Apple Tree provides you with one)
  • Key in the 'amount' you want to send, and 'the account from which you want to withdraw'
  • The money is withdrawn from your account, and an email notification is automatically sent to the email address you provided
  • The other person clicks on a hyperlink in the email, and they are taken to their online banking sign on page
  • After signing on and 'answering your Security Question', they can deposit the funds immediately to their account*. No holds, no hassles, and the funds are guaranteed.
  •  It takes about 30 minutes for the transfer to go through.
    The Question I generally use is What am I buying?  Answer:  bulkherbs   one word, no space.  Some banks require you to use an answer word that's at least 6 letters long.
It's just that easy. and I'll deduct $1.00 from your order total to pay the bank fee. 
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