• Easy to digest – 100% absorbable by your body
• Vegetarian and Vegan
• No fat and low carbohydrates
• Loaded with spirulina, chlorella and chlorophyll
• No fillers such as bran, rice or oat
• Blends easily in juice, fruit smoothies, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or water
• Alkalizing formula
• Perfect for losing weight without the loss of energy and stamina
• High in soluble fiber, antioxidants, essential and trace minerals and vitamins
• Caffeine free


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   "100% Organic GREENPOWERTM Blend"

- caffeine free, healthy, body 'ALKALANIZING superfood' supplement

Vegetarian & Vegan - No fat, low carbohydrates & an aid for losing weight. 

Organic GREENPOWER BlendTM is a synergystic blend of potent, concentrated plant foods (Green Vegetables), naturally packed with nutrients that encourage optimum health. It is a complete green supplement packed with all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that our bodies desperately need, provided by the "superfood" spirulina which is 60% vegetable protein; barley grass, which is naturally rich in copper, potasium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, enzymes and chlorophyll, and chlorella; which is a great source of beta carotene. 

The ingredients in this supplement provide the antioxidents that are so important for our overall health and well-being, and help alkalize, energize and nourish our cells, as they also balance our bodies pH
 This organic GreenPower Blend is specially formulated to help the body convert its own reserves of energy for use, and can stimulate and enhance vitality.

 Organic GreenPower BlendTM is specially formulated to help the body convert its own reserves of energy for use, & can stimulate & enhance vitality. All powder.

 INGREDIENTS: Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Spinach, Alfalfa Leaf, Kelp, Dulse Leaf, Barley Grass Juice Powder, Orange Peel, Beet Root, Dandelion Leaf, Lemon Peel, Ginkgo Leaf & Wheat Grass Juice Powder.  

BENEFITS: This combination of dark green leafy vegetables provides your cells with the food they need. When your cells are properly fed, your whole being feels increased energy & radiant health. This specially formulated 'Green Power Blend' may provide benefits such as increased stamina, reduced food cravings, weight loss, mental clarity, healthy blood sugar, immune system support, improved digestion & detoxifying effects.  Being highly alkaline, 'Organic GreenPower BlendTM' may also help to boost the body’s energy levels & remove toxins from the lymph system while encouraging new cell growth. Easy to digest – 100% absorbable by your body - Vegetarian and Vegan - No fat - low carbohydrates - Loaded with spirulina, & chlorophyll - No fillers such a bran, rice or oats - Blends well in juice, fruit smoothies, soy, rice, almond milks or water - good for weight loss without losing energy & stamina.  High in soluble fiber, antioxidants, essential & trace minerals & vitamins - caffeine free!

'100% Organic GREENPOWER Blend TM'   


Alkalizing formula: Take 2 or 3 capsules per day; or use 1 rounded tablespoon per day in smoothies, spread over food dishes & salad.


TRY IT  -  it's soooo good for you!


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