Jars and jars of HERBS !

 There's a 50 g minimum for herbs, but no order amount minimum.

 NO TAX on bulk herbs!


Should you get the Answering Machine when you call, kindly leave a message so I can get back to you.

Deliveries take me away for short periods of time; I may be in the US picking up Herb orders; shipping orders at the Post Office, or on another call, so your message would be appreciated. Thanks.  Lori



(Payment must be made in advance for shipped orders.)  [Special orders must be paid in advance of product being ordered.]

 OPTIONS below pertain to all MAIL ORDERS.  

PICK UP orders are generally paid in cash, but if over $25.00 Interac is ok, and over $50.00 Pay Pal is ok to use.

  As I don't have a debit/credit processor, there are 5 payment options

Please indicate your preference when emailing an order.

Option 1:

-- If you do online banking, you can choose to use the 'Interac email funds transfer' feature through your bank. Click below for easy instructions of how it's done, if it's your first time. 

 INTERAC  E money TRANSFER explained click to view

[If you use this payment option I'll credit your invoice $1.00 to help cover your bank fee.]

Option 2:

-- If you have a Pay Pal account, you can send your payment from your Pay Pal account to myappletreeherbs@yahoo.ca -- after I've emailed your order breakdown with the final total for payment.

You sign in to your account, and look for the tab at the top that says

'Send and Request' and click there.  Then click on 'pay for Goods or Services' and when the window opens, enter my email  myappletreeherbs@yahoo.ca  plus the total amount $ ?? , - click next - you'll  instruct them how you wish to make payment, (ie: credit card etc.) if you don't have sufficient funds to cover it, and that's about it.  You'll get a receipt from Pay Pal, and an Invoice from me in with your order.   Lori

Option 3:

-- I can send you an 'email Invoice' only if you DON'T have a Pay Pal account, and don't want to have one. The Invoice comes from Apple Tree Bulk Herbs, in a separate email.  I'll send you guidelines, so you pay as a Guest. You'd pay using a Credit Card only, - payment will go through the Secure Server @ Pay Pal. 

 Option 4:

If you wish to pay using a credit card, but prefer not to use the Internet yourself,

I have a special email address where I can send an Invoice in your name. I'd make your transaction for you with your Credit Card information.  You must telephone me with that information - never send it in an email.  I'll shred the information as soon as payment has been made.

 Option 5:

 You can mail a cheque or Money Order, but the order won't be shipped until the cheque has cleared.  Make cheque or Money Order payable to:

Lorraine Scott - mail to: Box 284, St. Davids, Ontario  L0S 1P0



NOTE - We do not ship Overseas via Third Party Shippers!  Only by Canada PostWe don't ship to the USA due to Customs issues, sorry.



Canada Post mailed orders incur a 'handling fee'  of $5.00 or less. Canada Post - packages are sent Expedited.

Parcel Shipping rates are variable & can range from $9.20 up in Ontario - the charge includes postage, tax, insurance, fuel surcharge & a tracking # will be sent to you. (there are many variables that determine Canada Post rates, which includes the distance within or from Ontario.  It depends upon how much herb you order and how bulky a product it is + box size & weight.  Powders of course take less space, so it's not always the weight, or box size that incurs the extra expense, but the Postal Code area where it's being sent.   Each order is individually weighed & put in as small a box as possible, to save on postage, & you'll be informed of that total.  Shipment of order is made after payment received.

Parcels arrive generally in 1-5 business days, again, depending on Canadian destination.


When placing an order by email, please indicate quantity of each herb you want, AND if you want c/s or powder, Leaf, Root or Flower. Also provide your full name and address, + payment method preferred. This saves me writing to inquire of these things, wasting a day waiting for your reply.



  Porcupine babies - AWWW!! 


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 Thanks for Looking !









APPLE TREE BULK HERBS will be closed early Friday Sep. 4th, thus all orders must be placed by 1 pm Thursday the 3rd, for mailing on Friday and local pick up on Saturday.  Otherwise, orders will be taken care of the following week.  Will be open again Tuesday 11 am, Sep. 8th/15  Thank you for your patronage.  L. Scott

For payment options & shipping information - scroll down a bit - it's on the left.



      Over 230 medicinal-botanical HERBS sold in bulk

C/S for making TEA, (or blends for feet n bath), + Powders for filling  your own CAPSULES  

plus the infamous ‘ESSIAC’ Cancer fighting tea blend

  'replica' called 'The Burdock Blend'.


This is a homebased business (no  storefront)located in the village of St. Davids (Niagara-on-the-Lake), at the north boundary of Niagara Falls, Ontario.   All orders are either phoned in or emailed, as has been the case with Apple Tree for many years.  There is no store located at 3 King St. in St. Catharines.  Orders (when specified) can be picked up in St. Catharines, (see details below) For those living in Niagara Falls or Niagara on the Lake, we can arrange a meet up location in St. Davids during the week.


Apple Tree is a 'retail 'business - doesn't sell Wholesale, nor offer discounts on any quantitiy.


Orders are mailed across Canada, & to other countries via Canada Post only, but are not shipped to the USA due to Customs issues.

 Go to 'Bulk Herbs' tab for full list & Prices:


To  place orders  for inquires; 

send email to :   myappletreeherbs@yahoo.ca

 or   call me,   Lori Scott  


905-262-4430  or 905-704-1100

    MON., Wed. & Thur. - 11 am  to  6 pm          Tues., Fri. & Sat. - 11 am -  3 pm 

closed Sundays & Holidays

 If no answer, please leave a message and I'll call you back.

<<<<    See SHIPPING/PAYMENT  information to your left

 Most orders ready in 48-72 hours of placement, for pick up or to be mailed.


If you live in the St. Catharines, Welland, Beamsville  or surrounding areas,  orders can be picked up (when indicated) during their business hours M-Sat, at the 'All Natural Care Shop' (Health Food Store) - 100 4th Ave. Ridley Heights Plaza, in St. Catharines.  First plaza on the left after #406 - turn left at 1st light.  It's 5 doors left of Little Cesaer's Pizza   Hours: M-T 9-7,  F 9-6, Sat. 9-5, Sundays & Holidays closed.  905-935-2020 (you'll be informed of the day of availability!)  www.allnaturalcareshop.com
NOTE: Ask cashier for your order from Apple Tree.  Only CASH payments are accepted when picking up an order (unless pre-payment has been made).  An envelope is attached to your bag with name & amount owing.  You can get change from the cashier - BUT CANNOT use their DEBIT/CREDIT processor. (Put your payment in the envelope & return it to the cashier).  CIBC is in the Plaza.

 Orders for those in Niagara Falls & Niagara-on-the-Lake, - arrangements can be made to meet & pick up orders in St. Davids during the week. There's no charge for orders picked up at the All Natural Care Shop. (see location info above.)

FOR SHIPPING ACROSS CANADA, please send your complete mailing address when emailing your order & include the quantities you want, (100g or more etc. min.50g.), plus whether an herb is leaf, root or flower, and c/s or powder, + your preferred payment option.  All mailed orders incur a handling fee plus all mailing costs + taxes & are calculated on each individual order.  There's no blanket charge for everyone!



  prices  subject  to  change  without  notice.

No Minimum $ amount on ordersQuantity minimum is 50g



When placing an order by email, please indicate quantity of each herb you want, AND if you want c/s or powder, Leaf, Root or Flower. Also provide your full name and address, + payment method preferred.    This saves me writing to inquire of these things, wasting a day waiting for a reply.



If you wish to pay in advance for a pick up order, please request when ordering.  OPTIONS: via an email Invoice thru Pay Pal paid by credit card, (min order $50.00), OR  by INTERAC email funds transfer - min. order 25.00, otherwise cash is requited for pick up orders.   See more information to your left.


 We may not have something you're in need of, so please inquire, as we may be able to order it for you. (could take from 2 1/2 - 4 weeks.) Be aware that if the product you want isn't something normally carried, you would be required to buy the whole pound, plus, payment must be made in advance of ordering.  In some cases, not many, I can purchase a 1/2 lb (228g) of product, but be aware that the cost will be higher.  Suppliers charge by the pound, and if they break up a lb, they charge higher amounts for the lesser quantities, not just 1/2 of the 1 pound price.

Apple Tree doesn't do that.  All prices are based on a 1 kg price.  If purchasing a lesser amount, it's simply 1/10th (100g) or 2/10th etc of the KG price. There's no higher costs for smaller amounts, (except on 25g purchases where indicated on especially high cost herbs.)  I could price my herbs per kg, but most people would have difficulty having to determine what a smaller quantity price would be, I thus break it down into 100g for simplification. 


NOTE: In order to determine the 'pound' price of herbs listed on my website page for the HERBS list and PRICES  http://www.appletreebulkherbs.ca/herb--list---pricing.php 

multiply the 100g price by 10, then multiply that by .454 for the price per pound.     Example : LICORICE ROOT C/S 3.55/100g X 10 = $35.50 /kg.    35.50  X .454 = $ 16.12 /lb.   ( lb = .454 g)


 The purpose of Apple Tree Bulk Herbs is to make available loose herbs in bulk, that are at times difficult to find without ordering by the pound or 1/2 lb. 


There's a  CONTACT US  form at bottom of this page for orders, inquiries or your comments, in case you're at the Library, or don't have an email.



The form below can be used by those who don't have an email address or are using a computer at the Library.  For those without email,  for us to respond to you, we'll leave you a BLOG MESSAGE on this page addressed to you, SO PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE FOR YOUR ANSWERS.

If yo do have an email address, please indicate it, so we can

send our reply to you that way.  Also which Province you live in, with Postal code, if you want a shipping estimate, plus complete order details.   Thanks.  Lori

It's preferential that if you do have a omputer and email, that you don't use this form , but simply sent a regular email TO:


Contact Us



Some people tend to think herbal tea is good, simply because it's a 'natural' product. Herbs are powerful and can be dangerous. Every herbal tea should be weighed against possible complications, side effects, etc., before taking them on a daily basis. Do your research!  Many people know that a great many modern day medications originated from herbs - even aspirin was originally discovered from willow tea. The herbs in herbal teas should be known & checked against any medication, whether by prescription or over-the-counter, for compatibility and/or side effects. Sometimes taking herbal tea indiscriminately can cause unwanted or unnecessary conditions, illnesses, or even death.  Always consult medical advise before using herbs in any form. 





Disclaimer: The content on this Website is provided for informational purposes only.  We make no medical claims that the herbs, herbal products or 'commonly suggested uses' of herbs on this website are intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any health problem or disease. Please, do not attempt to self-diagnose or treat. If you have, or suspect you have, an illness or medical condition, check with a qualified Health Practitioner, your physician, Naturopath, or other qualified health professional for diagnosis, guidance and supervision prior to using herbs for self-treatment, and before using any herbal treatment.

   Use of these reference pages signifies acceptance of this notice.

Exercise caution, do the research to separate the legitimate from  the suspect information  about herbal remedies.  If in doubt about using a particular herbal product, don’t try  it.  Any reliance you place on any information on this website is strictly by your own discretion and at your own risk.   The owners of this site and the ISP carrier that  they use are not liable for any outcome that might occur thru the use of information  on this site.   You are responsible for yourself & in reading this you release the owners of this site & the ISP carrier that they use from any liability.