Burdock Blend Tea (more commonly known as: ESS..C , CAISSE spelled backwards) (due to copyright I'm not allowed to use the whole. The DOCUMENTS below, should be read first

 if you're considering taking the Tea.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION to read, if you're considering taking The Burdock Blend (a replica of Obijiwa Tea [Essiac} made famous by Rene Caisse.)


Rene Caisses Tea - not Just for Cancer pdf.pdf Rene Caisses Tea - not Just for Cancer pdf.pdf
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Rene Caisse's Life Story.pdf Rene Caisse's Life Story.pdf
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From my own experience of taking the BURDOCK BLEND, available at Apple Tree, as well as information I've gleaned from numerous Internet write-ups, I've written some warnings & general comments pertaining to someone who is new to drinking the tea, to hopefully help them to not 'jump in with both feet' as the saying goes, when first drinking it Don't underestimate the POWER of these 4 HERBS!  We need to respect their capabilities & our own bodies' ability to tolerate that power, by weaning ourselves onto the TEA, anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, gradually increasing the daily intake until you can handle large amounts. Be aware of the importance too of drinking plenty of water throughout the day to flush the toxins out.  Each individual, being so different from another, simply has to work it out for themselves, but I've made a few suggestions to perhaps help some, to not to have to undergo the massive headaches, or other symptoms I & others have encountered when first drinking the TEA, found in the document Information for New Users above..



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